About Us

Taxes can be intimidating, downright frightening. But in our business we understand your fears and strive to alleviate the pressures associated with tax returns, running a small business and the everyday bookkeeping.  You can depend on us to be knowledgeable in all tax matters big or small.  With our 30 plus years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation we understand all the complexities involved in operating a small business and preparing a personal tax return.  

Our only focus is doing our best to help you navigate all tax matters.  Our focus is you.  Unlike other tax firms we take care of our client year round.  We do not close up for business at the end of a tax season and make you wait weeks for a call back if you have any tax issues that arise during non-tax time. 

Once you are our client our commitment to you does not stop when the return is done.  We are ALWAYS available year round with any questions or tax needs you may have. 

Choosing a smaller accounting firm like ours means that you are not just a social security number to us. You are a client with real time needs and questions.  Any tax advice given is supported by our decades of experience. 

Cumulatively our office staff has job experience of over 30 years as well.  Here at LeonFuks, CPA P.C.  We offer professional services which include but are not limited to:  preparation of personal tax returns, corporation business returns, partnership returns, sole proprietors and LLCS.   We also offer bookkeeping services which include preparation of sales tax returns, payroll tax returns and all other returns required by the IRS and various States for filing.